Logistics Support

Ground Handling

Airline operators flying to and From Kilimanjaro international Airport are assured of reliable and convenient ground handling services from our partners’ Swissport Tanzania as well as Equity Aviation.

1.    Swiss Port Tanzania

Ground handling services from Swissport Tanzania includes

  1. Passenger services; Passenger check-in and boarding, Arrival Services, Transfer Services, Baggage handling, Handling of physically challenged passengers, Lost and found baggage handling as well as  Passenger ground transportation
  2. Ramp Services; Aircraft loading and off loading, Baggage sorting and delivery, Aircraft pushback, Aircraft ground power supply, Aircraft engines air start Aircraft air conditioning, Toilet servicing, Cabin dressing, Provision of water, Turn round coordination etc.
  3. Cargo Services; includes Cargo Acceptance & Documentation, Warehousing, Cargo Delivery, Special Cargo handling(Valuables, Live Animals, Perishable Cargo, Dangerous Goods), Cargo palletization and de-palletization,Cargo Manifesting, Cold storage facilities and a Courier Center.
  4. Load Control and Flight Operations; Computerized Aircraft Weight and Balance, Flight planning and dispatch, NOTAMS and Weather briefing.
  5. Executive Aviation and Logistics; Handling of VIP Flights, Private Jets and non-scheduled flights, Application for landing permits and other Airports logistics, Arrangement for catering, Arrangement for fuel, Crew ground transportation, Hotel accommodation bookings
  6. Aviation security
  7. Station Management and Representation; Station Management on behalf of carriers, Representation at other airports in the region.
  8. Clearing and forwarding.


2.    Equity Aviation

Equity Tanzania Ltd. and United Aviation Services are registered companies based at the airport which provide full logistic support, including meet and greet services to commercial and private jets.

KADCO is responsible for all other aspects of aircraft services. These include a simple and efficient billing mechanism for aircraft landing that attempt to make it easy for the airlines to operate smoothly at the airport.