Passenger Departures

Passengers departing from Kilimanjaro International Airport are dropped off right outside the Check-In area. Here they are processed quickly and, thoroughly, through the security checkpoint.

Check-In is located in a spacious hall with well-marked check-In desks. Increasing the number of check-in desks has reduced queuing time. In the departure hall one will find a variety of shops for gifts and souvenirs, restaurants, bar and coffee shops, this offers relaxing atmosphere as you wait to board your flight. Passengers then move through a final security check and Immigration departure protocols before entering the boarding gate.

Passengers will be kept informed by a modern PA and flight information display system as to flight departures and will be escorted to the aircraft once it is ready for them.

Kilimanjaro International Airport has proved popular with passengers as it allows them to move with a lot of ease from one stage to the  next. The simple layout of the airport means that passengers can go from arrival to sitting in the departure lounge in a matter of minutes.