Kilimanjaro International airport (KIA) has begun preliminary stages in the implementation of the project for Rehabilitation Kilimanjaro International Airport (ORIO). The project set to commence at the mid of August 2015 and be completed within a 24 months’ time-frame.

The initial stage (pre-kick), which includes data gathering for the purpose of designing and constructing prior to actual work, focused mainly on obtaining data related to the runway, taxiways, the Apron, the terminal building , sewerage system as well as topographical data.

The major works to be carried-out during the rehabilitation project, scheduled to commence shortly, shall include rubber removal at runway touchdown approach 09, overlay work on the existing taxiways and  main apron, construction of the new taxi way stretching from the main apron to runway 09 and the extension of the main apron. The existing terminal building will be entirely renovated with an extension of the first floor to a new passenger lounge.

On other hand, Kilimanjaro airports development company (KADCO) is working on the preparation/organization of its long-term airport master plan which intends to develop two areas; first the airport strategic area (1975 hectares area that incorporates the airside, terminal, and landside areas of the airport) as well as the KIA domain area/ estate area (9300 hectares).

Currently, KADCO through NACO, a consulting company based in Netherlands, has finalized a report of a study for the determination of the “Strategic Airport Area”, a report geared towards the first stage on the execution of the airport Master mainly plan focusing on developing the aviation related area. The second phase of the airport master plan (KIA domain area), as prepared by Egis Avia a French consulting company, will focus on the development of the entire KIA estate with exclusion of the aviation related area.

Kilimanjaro International Airport, covering close to was officially inaugurated in December 1971 and was designated as "The Gateway to Africa's Wildlife Heritage". The airport became the first international airport to be privatized in Africa in 1998 and is now operated by Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company (KADCO), a company fully owned by The Government of Tanzania.